The following links give you more information about what you find at the BicycleFit Rx website. We spend a great deal of time educating ourselves and searching out information and products to better serve you. Our goal is to try and select fit products and techniques to provide each customer with the perfect appoarch for their personal cycle fit needs. We make every effort to understand your current needs and goals so we may provided you with a complete picture into proper bicycle Fitting, Brands, and Accessories which will be right for you.

We do not know it all but we will make every effort to find the answers to the toughest cycling question.

Bike Fit Systems
Bicycle Fit Products and Education.

SlowTwitch/ FIST
Everything Triathlon and Tri fit based.

Serotta International Cycling Institute
BicycleFit Rx is a member of this Fit Specific orginization.

Master Bike Fitters Association
Dedicated to setting universal dealer standards.

USA Cycling
Promoting and Governing the sport of Cycling.

USA Triathlon
Promoting and Governing the sport of Triathlon.